Commercial / Residential / Industrial Insulation

Polyurethane insulation is a spray-applied insulation consisting of two liquids applied in a spray form then expands. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a versatile material providing proven solutions to a great range of challenges in the construction business.

SPF is environmentally friendly, requiring less energy to produce. It is durable, maintains its physical properties, and in a single product take the place of multiple insulation products including: insulation, air/vapor barriers, sealants and weather barriers.

Closed Cell vs. Open Cell

SPF is classified as either ‘closed cell’ or ‘open cell’. There are numerous differences between the two types with each having its own benefit.

Closed Cell

  • Highest insulating ‘R-Value’
  • Low vapor permeability
  • Air barrier
  • Increases wall strength
  • Water resistant barrier
  • Medium density
  • Absorbs sound


Open Cell

  • Good insulation value
  • Higher vapor permeability
  • Air barrier at full wall thickness
  • Low density
  • Best sound absorption in normal noise


Features & Benefits

  • Higher R-value
  • Increased energy savings
  • Effective sound insulation
  • Added structural strength
  • Resistance to mold, pests, & pollutants
  • Seamless moisture barrier
  • Formulated for hot & cold climate