Kansas Spray Foam Solutions uses a quality polyurethane spray foam product which provides a high R-value. When sprayed, the foam expands and cures to a light-weight, semi-rigid insulation that seals cracks, seams and penetrations. It is the ultimate in air seal technology, saving energy dollars for our customers.



    • Commercial / Residential Insulation
Walls, Ceilings, Attics, Basements, & Footings.
    • Industrial Insulation
Pipes & Tanks, Cold Storage Facilities, Freezers & Walk-in Coolers
Climate Controlled Buildings – Produce Storage and Clean Rooms.
    • Roofing
Flat or Sloped.
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Thermal Insulation






Quality is our business. Application is just as important as the product. Each member of our team is certified through the SPFA Professional Certification Program.